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Handmade singing bowl

Handmade singing bowl


This is  high-quality handmade singing bowl includes a wooden striker and hand sewn cushion. Old handmade singing bowls comes from Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet. This type of singing bowl is collectable items can be used for sound therapy, chakra healing, sound bath, meditation, yoga. Using singing bowl in your day to day life can help to reduce stress, anxiety, depression.

Gold (Sun), Silver (Moon), Copper (Venus), Iron (Mars), Tin (Jupiter), Mercury (Mercury) and Lead (Saturn) are the material and representation of each element used to make the singing bowl. 

Diameter: 22cm        Weight: 1.390kg

Each and every singing bowl is hand inspected to maintain standardization and deliver the best to our customers.

Note to place order:

Please contact us through email:soundshakti@gmail.com to buy this through our website. 

You can also contact in our Instagram page :https://www.instagram.com/soundhimalaya/

  • Singing bowl comes with wooden striker.




Handmade old singing bowl


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