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Are singing bowls dangerous?
10 Nov

Are singing bowls dangerous?

One of the curious question of many singing bowl buyers commonly found in internet as well is “are singing bowls dangerous?” To answer this question correctly: the answer is no, Singing bowls aren’t dangerous from any perspective at all.  Singing Bowls are mainly used for healing, sound therapy, meditation and yoga classes as singing bowls…

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Travelling with singing bowl

Travelling is exciting as well as equally hectic part in life, we all want to experience. Leaving the comfort for experiencing peacefulness of getting to new places, food and people or travelling for a break to experience luxury apart from routine jobs, we all have different purpose of travelling. No matter the purpose of travelling,…

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Combination of  Meditation and Sound Healing for mindfulness
15 Oct

Combination of Meditation and Sound Healing for mindfulness

Coffee and Books, Popcorn and Movies, are perfect combinations for relaxation. But do you know what’s more calming and soothing combination that helps you achieve mentally clear and emotionally stable state? – It’s meditation with perfect healing sound and incense. Meditation is a process where mindfulness is achieved, by training our self-awareness techniques to keep…

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