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The Sounds of Earthly Energies and the Singing Bowls

The Sounds of Earthly Energies and the Singing Bowls

When was the last time you let yourself enjoy the sound of the water with the chills it gives? Sound of Fire with cracks it gives? Sound of the wind with roars it brings?

If you ever need to find your spirit and your demons to keep it in control, the energies that will extract it out are just near somewhere deep rooted in all these earthly matters. It’s all in the earthly energies. Every matter, every item, and every feeling is a form of energy that rests in the earthly matters. And when we have control in what we need to absorb, we can achieve limitless positivity from these earthly energy.

Singing Bowls, also known as ‘dabaka’ in Nepal, are made using seven earthly metals: tin, zinc, lead, copper, silver, mercury and gold which are believed to give minerals to our bodies, and energy that comes from it is positive and advantageous to us. These same metals are used to make bells in the temples, churches, and Gongs in monasteries that rings the inner soul and brings out all the goodness from within. These metals were widely used to make jewelries and armors because of its beneficiary factors.

Singing Bowls when strike with a wooden stick, gives a reverberating peaceful sound, which when rubbed by the wooden stick continues the hymn and the vibration of all the metal mixtures gives out the energy that will touch your skin, that will awaken your all seven chakras of the body and ring your inner peacefulness to come out. Ancient Tibetan and Nepali Buddhists believe that this sound energy heals your body, cleanses your body aura and creates a shield to protect the body from worldly negative energy- at least for a day.

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Singing Bowls when played alone connects the body with earthly metal energies along with the energy of air, as sound travels through the air, and when played with water in it, gives energy of watery vibrations too. Singing Bowls can be used in many ways for many purposes.

Handmade singing bowls are made by melting the mixtures of metals in high fire flames, then is beaten and handcrafted to make a perfect bowl, when water is kept in the bowl and played along it gives the most pleasurable vibrations, connecting your mind and chakras to earthy energies. Machine made singing bowls has high importance in making rhythms and are played along with gongs, flutes, keyboards to make music that can helps in stress-free study, or paintings or reading books which help mind connect to a particular subject or an object to focus on.

Singing Bowls are much more than handicraft, sovereign, showpiece or hobby. Mainly purposed for sound therapy and sound healing to treat anxiety, stress, insomnia, Singing Bowls also help in achieving mental clarity and emotional stability. Himalayan singing bowls, which are mainly crafted in the Himalayas of Nepal are believed to have the highest positive energy transferring capacity.

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