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Travelling with singing bowl

Travelling is exciting as well as equally hectic part in life, we all want to experience. Leaving the comfort for experiencing peacefulness of getting to new places, food and people or travelling for a break to experience luxury apart from routine jobs, we all have different purpose of travelling. No matter the purpose of travelling, be it for work, for vacation, excursions, or journeys, travelling always brings together delights and experience that we keep in memories for a lifetime.

Travelling with my singing bowl.
Relaxing with singing bowl during journey. 
Singing bowl for meditation.
Travelling with my singing bowl to France.

All the living beings in this world, by nature, are meant to move and experience different components of earth. People travel to gain new understandings about different place, culture, food and people. The most essential while travelling would be of course money and passport, but the other most essential travel needs is “correct mindset” with hopes of beautiful experiences ahead.

Singing bowl and the sea. 
Relaxing with my singing bowl.
Singing bowl and the sea perfect combination

As Nepal is rich in natural beauty with highest mountains, beautiful trekking destinations, fast flowing rivers, and exciting activities, most of the tourists in Nepal, seek for adventurous experiences like hiking, mountain climbing, paragliding, rafting, sight-seeing, to see the rich culture Nepalese hold, beautiful heritage places  and many more exciting things to do in Nepal. Alongside this, numbers of tourists, trekkers, and Nepalese travel within Nepal seeking spiritual peacefulness.

Bipashna, sound healing, yoga, meditation within the hills of Nepal is extremely famous worldwide, where numerous Europeans, Asians, Americans and celebrities like David Beckham, Prince Harry, Selena Gomez have experienced the spiritual peacefulness in Nepal.

Singing Bowls are one of the most used instrument for sound healing and during Bipashna meditation as it rings positive sound waves and help stimulates all the happy hormone creating glands that are connected to pituitary gland.

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Travelling with singing bowl is an excellent idea for trekkers, hikers, and all the travelers as it is handy, price worthy and helps give correct state of mind whenever played. Travelers in Ancient times used to travel with instruments like flutes as it is light and keeps away from boredom, singing bowl acts as a travel buddy when travelling alone or with other people.

Although it is folk saying, ancient travelers believe that playing singing bowls in the woods attracts positive energy and keeps away negative energies and mis-happenings. Spiritual travelers instead of gadgets and speakers, enjoy the harmonious sounds of nature like waterfall, birds’ singings in the woods, wind blowing in the hills along with vibrating sound of the singing bowls. Singing Bowl is not just an instrument but a travel buddy to go on road-trips, and trekking with.

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  1. Lou 12 months ago

    Thank you for sharing ✨🙏🏻
    Do you know if it’s possible to travel with tibetans bowls by plane by hand luggage !?

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