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Things to remind ourselves for bringing Positivity during COVID-19

Things to remind ourselves for bringing Positivity during COVID-19

Have you ever been winded up in self-conversation, paused in between for building positive mindset and felt clueless about how to be positive?

I bet we all have.

We often hear meditation is key to relaxation, Positive mindset brings happiness and breathing well brings calmness. But we time and again forget the path to that content feeling, isn’t it?

During COVID-19, we all stayed inside our homes hoping for better days to come; days, weeks and then months passed, but COVID situation worsened. It brought negativity among many lives. People had too much of time to do nothing. Some people stressed about finances, job and career and most people got anxious over future. Throughout the years, numerous studies and research has shown correlation between happy life and optimism.

People have understood the importance of being positive and habituated the progressive and productive things like: many people started to explore their area of interests, so many people developed new hobbies like cooking, dancing, reading, and the number of people who wants to build healthy habits have inclined steeply.

Wake up every morning in time and remind yourself that:

1.     I only think positive.

We attract what we think, so being positive should be our priority amidst this disaster. To do so, we must stop ourselves from overthinking and divert our minds to something indulging like singing along the lines to our favorite songs, sketching, and writing or the thoughts, this gradually decreases the thoughts within our head.

2.     I practice gratefulness.

Being thankful for what you have is important as this makes you realize all the achievements you have made and all the things you can count on. Point out 5 things you are grateful for everyday and it can be the same thing too.

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3.     I take my time to do my things.

Being overly productive will only drain down our energy and interests. We all have our own timing and ticking and realizing what to do in which time in a healthy way is important.

4.     I practice diaphragmatic breathing.

Breathing well gives calmness in any mood. Practicing meditation, exercising, playing singing bowls, while meditating helps in improved breathing as the rhythm can help align breathing pattern.

5.     I have faith.

Hope keeps us alive. Having faith in the goals we set, the wishes we create and efforts we make is important.

6.     I walk away from stressful conversations.

Involving in any conversation that might stick to our head for hours is very harmful for our mental health, staying away from those conversations and avoiding people who make such conversations is crucial way of keeping away from negativity.

7.     I prioritize myself.

Prioritizing self needs and taking care of own physical and mental being helps in keeping up positive mindset as our body feels happy.

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