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Singing bowl benefits

Singing bowl benefits


Singing bowls are used for different purposes like meditation, sound healing, sound bath, chakra healing, music and more. Everyone has a different perception regarding the benefits of singing bowls. Singing bowl benefits in different levels physical, psychological and spiritual.

The keys to unlock the benefits of singing bowls are belief and trust. First of all, you need to believe that the bowls are going to do good for you and you need to trust the singing bowls as everyone does not feel the energy of singing bowls for the first time they try the bowl. You may need some time to realize the energy. The vibration and the sound do not make any difference until and unless you are connected with the singing bowl. The connection can only be created when you believe and trust. You will require a lot of patience as you choose the singing bowl; the singing bowl has to choose you too. The physical and psychological benefits are interrelated to one another. Once you feel the energy of the singing bowl you can meditate to the sound of the singing bowl.

Meditating to the sound of the singing bowl will help you to be calm, improve concentration and reduce stress.

Singing bowls helps to relax migraine headache and body muscles. Put the bowl upside down on the head like a cap or helmet then slowly strike the bowl do not strike too hard. The vibration of the singing bowl will help to relax the headache. (30 cm diameter size singing bowl is recommended to play overhead.) If there is any pain in body muscles you can rest the bowl over the area where you feel pain and strike the singing bowl with drumstick, do not touch on the rims of the bowl as it will kill the sound. The vibration of the singing bowl will help to relax the body muscles.

The spiritual benefits of singing bowls are: it helps in chakra balancing, reduce anxiety, depression, emotional balance and many more. Chakra balancing or healing help to relax the body and the mind as singing bowls play a role as a bridge between body and mind.

The energy of the singing bowls helps to connect the four elements of human body air, water, fire, and earth. Cosmic energy flow through human body then the four elements are in balance.

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