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Singing bowl for beginners

Singing bowl for beginners

 Choosing your first singing bowl might be a challenging task as there are different varieties of singing bowls that you can get in the market. As a beginner, you will be confused with the overloading information about chakras, healing, and energy, sound healing, and more that you get from the local market or the internet. At the beginning stage, you do not need to know about all of this the only thing you need to know is to choose a singing bowl with good sound.

I would recommend you to choose a handmade singing bowl.  Handmade singing bowl has long lasting sustain sound. Handmade singing bowl are used for meditation and sound therapy.

 Machine made singing bowls are used as decoration, gift and for meditation but it do not have long lasting sustainable sound. Machine made singing bowls are not used for sound healing.

It would be better if the singing bowl is at least 20cm in diameter as this size singing bowl is easier to play for beginners. Now you explore and get more information about the singing bowl in the future you will not have to regret your first purchased singing bowl if it is handmade.

The singing bowl selection process

  • Choose a handmade singing bowl. (How to recognize handmade singing bowls?)  Handmade singing bowls do not have perfect well finishing. The rim of handmade singing bowl is not perfect round shape. Handmade singing bowl creates vibration.
  • Play the singing bowl and listen to the sound carefully.
  • Select singing bowl that creates vibration, stable sound, and long lasting sound.

You do not have to buy a singing bowl under anyone’s influence make sure you are totally satisfied with your choice try different singing bowls and compare the sound

The first singing bowl welcomes you to the world of spirituality. Now you can start meditating and exploring more about chakras.

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